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Our Academy is a year-round program that offers all day fun care for children ages 6 weeks -12 years of Age. Our Curriculum includes social emotional development, language/communication development, cognitive development, physical development, emergent reading, writing, dramatic play, creative art activities, social studies, music, science, block play, sensory experiences, consideration for children with disabilities, consideration for children that are bilingual and for children that have a culturally diverse background.

Nuestra Academia es un programa durante todo el año que ofrece atención divertida durante todo el día para niños de 6 semanas a 12 años de edad. Nuestro plan de estudios incluye desarrollo social y emocional, desarrollo del lenguaje / comunicación, desarrollo cognitivo, desarrollo físico, lectura emergente, escritura, juego dramático, actividades creativas de arte, estudios sociales, música, ciencia, juego en bloque, experiencias sensoriales, consideración para niños con discapacidades, consideración para niños que son bilingües y para niños que tienen antecedentes culturales diversos.


LOVE ROOM - (Hebrews 5:16) - 0-18 Months

Our Infant program is a loving and nurturing environment which includes:


  • Motor Skill Development : grasping, clutching, movement

  • Sensory Development :touching, feeling, listening, holding

  • Social and Emotional Development: talking, playing, cuddling, singing, saying rhymes

  • Individual resting times

  • Safe open floor space for floor time play

  • Individual and group play

JOY ROOM - (Psalms 97:11) - 19 Months - 2 Years

Our toddler and 2s program includes daily scheduled indoor and outdoor activities which gives opportunities for:

  • Thinking Skills and Sensory Development

  • Small and Large Muscle Development

  • Language Development including identification of letters, colors, shapes and numbers

  • Social and Emotional Development including sharing and following directions

  • Developing self-help skills such as toileting, potty training, hand-washing and feeding

KINDNESS ROOM - (Psalms 145:15) - 2 Years - 3 Years

Our Early Pre-K Program is for children who are 3 years of age. These children have grasped the concept of self help skills such as toileting and hand washing, and are now moving towards more in depth learning and development. Learning focuses on:

  • Language Development including identification and recognition of words and sentences

  • Small Muscle Development including grasping a pencil and doing basic writing

  • Large Muscle Development

  • Basic Science and Math concepts

  • Thinking Skills and Sensory Development

HOPEFUL ROOM - (Psalms 145:15) - 3 Years - 5 Years

Our Pre-K Program includes daily scheduled indoor and outdoor activities using the Texas School Readiness (TSR) Program, collaboration between Scholastic and the State of Texas, to prepare them for school. Activities include opportunities for:

  • Thinking Skills and Sensory Development

  • Small and Large Muscle Development

  • Language Development

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Developing self-help skills such as toileting, hand-washing, returning equipment to storage areas or containers, and serving and feeding

AFTER-SCHOOLERS ROOM - (Psalms 145:15) - 5 Years - 12 Years

Our School-Age program provides a safe, clean and friendly environment with plenty of opportunities including:

  • Time to unwind and relax after a school day

  • Time to assess and complete homework

  • Supervised games and activities

  • Outdoor fun and play

  • Individual attention from and conversation with adults

  • Flexible programming according to ages, interests, and abilities of the children

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